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EcoVents products are based on more than 10 years of development in the business of balanced heat recovery ventilation. In that context, the company has gained a great expertise, and developed products with remarkable high efficiency. EcoVent are offering a line of products, which deliver a comfortable indoor air climate without high electricity bills, noise or draught, and with a heat recovery efficiency close to 90%. The fans used for exhaust air and fresh air supply has a very low electricity consumption. EcoVent use counterflow heat recovery units, which has been optimized for the highest possible performance for air to air heat exchangers.

In 2003, EcoVent began the development of a new type of heat recovery ventilation units which is only 26 cm thick, and is very easy to integrete in buildings.   The unit has now been completed - see the R200. 

EcoVents working areas
EcoVent is mainly offering ventilation systems for effective and energy efficient ventilation of:

    • Houses.
    • Offices. 
    • Institutions.
    • Industries.

    In connection to this, EcoVent is offering:

    • All the nesessary assessories and components for a ventilation system.
    • Consultancy concerning project plans, installation and use of the systems.
    • Systemdesign.
    • Customized products.

Balanced heat recovery ventilation

    Ventilation is indispensable for a healthy indoor air climate. If the indoor air is not ventilated, it will be polluted with allergenes and irritants. Todays housing units are often very airtight. This can lead to indoor air climate problems for people and for buildings. In many cases it is not enough with natural airing of housing units, because this does not solve the problems with pollen, dust, emmissions from furniture, building materials, cleaning agents etc. You can avoid these problems by using an effective balanced heat recovery ventilationsystem, where there is a stable exhaust of used air together with a fresh air supply of the same size.

    A ventilationssystem from EcoVent has the following effect on the indoor climate.

    The humidity is reduced: 

    • Moist air is replaced with a fresh heated, dry air. It happens when cold fresh air on the way in, is heated from the exhaust air on the way out of the building. When hot indoor air contains more water than the cold air, the relative humidity in the supply air will be much lower. When you lower the humidity it will help in several ways: directly improvement of the indoor air climate, where the risk of fungus creation is avoided, low water is running down the inside of the windows and insurance of a bad environment for dustmites.  
    • Particles in the air are removed:
      Through the exhaust air, particles and gasses will be removed from the rooms. The particles will be collected in a filter to protect the heat exchanger. The effect on household is so high, that you will see a pronounced lower need to remove dust.
    • It is actually possible to obtain fresh air, which is cleaner than the outside air: When you filter the supply air, all pollutants in the outside air as pollen, dust and exhaust particles from cars and furnances are held back in the filter. EcoVent can also deliver filter systems that are able to remove problems with smells from f.ex. farming or industri.
    • The health of the buildings:
      Not only people has a need for a reasonable ventilation. Also buildings and materials they are made of, is under the influence of the indoor air climate. The most important parameter here is to avoid humidity problems. All people has seen rotten windows and woodwork as well as fungus on the walls of bad ventilated rooms.

    By installing a ventilation system with balanced heat recovery ventilation most possible indoor air climate problems can be avoided!!!


EcoVent internationalt

EcoVent was in the beginning of the 1990´es, selected as supplier for the first ventilation systems with balanced heat recovery ventilation for the german passivhouses, - including the first passivhouses in Darmstadt, that was established in the year of 1993. And in 2005 EcoVent has delivered ventilation systems with balanced heat recovery ventilation for the first passivhouse project in Denmark, Rønnebækhave II in Næstved (more details under references).

EcoVent has participated in several EU supported R&D projects, including EU–Demohouse project, where there will be used various ventilation designs with balanced heat recovery ventilation, for retrofit housing in Budapest and Copenhagen. Moreover can be mentioned another project, the EURO–Active Roofer project, where work is made on ventilated roofdesigns with building integrated PV-modules.