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  • Attic systems

    Suitable for larger buildings

  • Compact ventilationsystems

    Limited space isn't a problem!

  • Balanced heat recovery ventilation

    With Ecovents products!

Who is Ecovent

We are a danish developer, manufacturer and supplier of components and systems  used for balanced heat recovery ventilation. Our products are meeting the new energy demands in the building regulations, which are being revised in accordance with the EU-energy performance directive for buildings. We are demonstrating, documenting and testing ventilation solutions in cooperation with leading specialists in Denmark and other EU- countries. Our products are based on more than 10 years of development in the business of balanced heat recovery ventilation. We are offering heat recovery ventilation for housing, offices, institutions and industry.

Our specialty is Innovative Indoor Air Climate.

Interior ventilation

Compact interior placed ventilationssystems with condense and noise insulation.


Atticsystems are well insulated units to be installed in cold rooms like an attic.

Closet like systems

Closetsmodels has a nice design and extra noise reduction. They can easily fit into the scullery room, technic room or simular.